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PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 2:05 pm 

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I have a question about web visualization in Schneider SoMachine, which is basically Codesys and Schneider's HMI software wrapped up together. I am storing .csv files to the flash memory using the CAA file library, which I would then like to plot on a graph in a web visualization.

The problems with Web Visualization:
1. SoMachine doesn't implement the Codesys Trend Manager
2. I could use a histogram or a trace, but they have their own issues--the histogram doesn't seem to allow changing options at run time (scale, data set, etc), and the trace seems more for short term graphing, not historical data sets.
3. Some of my .csv files are 1440 rows (once per minute, one file per day) and 20 columns. That's a lot of data for the web visualization to handle.

Partial Solution:
1. I had some old code that took a .csv file and displayed it in a trend on a webpage using javascript, using a library called dygraphs. It works if I upload it to the /usr/visu directory and reference it directly. I even created a sort of wrapper to load my trend webpage, as well as the visualization page, and even other external pages. Basically, I get the file through a javascript AJAX request, process it, and display it using dygraphs. This all works.
2. The problem with this solution is that the compact flash card is mounted at /sd0, but the webvisu root directory is /usr/visu, therefore, the web visualization can't see the compact flash card because it can't see any files above it's own root directory. This leaves me with only the internal flash memory to store files, with a total size 128MB on the Schneider M241/M251 PLC. I want to be able to store, and then access the files on the compact flash card from the web server.

1. Is there any way to change the root directory of the web visualization? That would be the simplest solution--just put it all on the compact flash card.
2. Is there any way to access the compact flash card from the web visualization? I can actually load a file from the flash card into the visualization text editor, but it looks like it's using an internal protocol to get the file through the PLC, and I don't know how that protocol works.
3. Is there a way to get the Codesys trend manager into SoMachine 4.2?

thanks for your input


PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 2017 10:36 am 

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I would also like to see a solution for this. However I am really interested in your Partial Solution since I have no solution at all. Is it possible that you would like to share the code for that? Do you embed a code into a visualization page, what kind of wrapper do you use?

I have talked to Schneider about having the trend option in SoMachine but they did not sound that enthusiastic..

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