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Import of .gdc files
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Author:  aritra666 [ Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Import of .gdc files

Cannot import .gdc file using scripts.

Code given below...

#---------- Import handler class
class Handler(NativeImportHandler):
def conflict(self, name, obj, guid):
print("Object already exists: ",name)
return NativeImportResolve.skip

def progress(self, name, obj, exception):
print("in progess: ", name)

def skipped(self, list):
for obj in list:
print("Skipped: ", obj.get_name())
def importFilter(name, guid,type,path):
return True;

handler = Handler()

proj = projects.primary

found = proj.find("Application", True)
app = found[0]

##Select Ethercat
drbus = proj.find('EtherCAT_Master', True)[0]
Drive_1 = drbus.find("Drive1",True)[0]
if Drive_1:
Drive_1.import_native("C:\\Users\\Aritra\\Desktop\\Exported files\\Drive1.gdc", importFilter, handler)
print("Drive Not Found")

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