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PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:15 am 

Joined: Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:26 pm
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I am having strange issues with the initialization of variables while using a for loop and [*] Array. I added a video for the explanation. Wrong initiations at 1.22min, 1.31min, and 1.37min.

Codesys Version 3.5 SP9 Patch 5

 Plt  : ARRAY[0..300] OF UDT_Plt;  

      i_Record : DInt;   
      i_Position : DInt; 
      i_Info : Int;   /
      i_State : UDT_PltEntryState; 

      o_ReturnValue : INT;   // Status: Error/Job Action

      io_C : UDT_Constants;   // Constants: User constants
      io_PLT : ARRAY[*] OF UDT_Plt; 

      t_SearchStartPosition : DInt;   
      t_SearchEndPosition : DInt; 
      t_EntryId : Int;   // Entry index counter
      t_ReturnValue : Int;   // Status of Job Action
      t_State : UDT_PltEntryState;   // State struct
     Testpos : DINT := 0;
     Testinfo : DINT :=0;

IF (i_Record < LOWER_BOUND(io_PLT, 1))
       OR (i_Record > UPPER_BOUND(io_PLT, 1))
       o_ReturnValue := io_C.ReturnValue.InvalidRecordId;
       RETURN; //Block end
   t_ReturnValue := io_C.ReturnValue.NoActionPresent;
   // Calculate start- and end-position of search-window
   t_SearchStartPosition := i_Position;
   IF io_PLT[i_Record].Header.Displacement > 0
       t_SearchEndPosition := i_Position - io_PLT[i_Record].Header.Displacement + 1;
       t_SearchEndPosition := i_Position;
   // Search for data in search-window & write State if data found.
   FOR t_EntryId := 1 TO io_PLT[i_Record].Header.EntriesUsed BY 1 DO
      Testpos := io_PLT[i_Record].Entry[t_EntryId].Position;
      Testinfo := io_PLT[i_Record].Entry[t_EntryId].Info;
       IF Testpos < t_SearchEndPosition
           EXIT; // Exit the for loop data can no longer be found
       IF Testpos <= t_SearchStartPosition
           AND Testpos >= t_SearchEndPosition
           AND Testinfo = i_Info

           t_State := io_PLT[i_Record].Entry[t_EntryId].State;
           // Make OR statement on all bits
           t_State.Claimed := t_State.Claimed OR i_State.Claimed;
           t_State.Owner := t_State.Owner OR i_State.Owner;
           t_State.OwnerDown := t_State.OwnerDown OR i_State.OwnerDown;
           t_State.OwnerHalted := t_State.OwnerHalted OR i_State.OwnerHalted;
           t_State.OwnerRequest := t_State.OwnerRequest OR i_State.OwnerRequest;
           t_State.OwnerUp := t_State.OwnerUp OR i_State.OwnerUp;
           t_State.Pec := t_State.Pec OR i_State.Pec;
           t_State.PecIo := t_State.PecIo OR i_State.PecIo;
           t_State.PecLatch := t_State.PecLatch OR i_State.PecLatch;
           t_State.PecRequest := t_State.PecRequest OR i_State.PecRequest;
           t_State.SparePecB03 := t_State.SparePecB03 OR i_State.SparePecB03;
           t_State.SpareW01 := t_State.SpareW01 OR i_State.SpareW01;
           t_State.SpareW02 := t_State.SpareW02 OR i_State.SpareW02;
           t_State.SpareW04 := t_State.SpareW04 OR i_State.SpareW04;
           t_State.SpareW08 := t_State.SpareW08 OR i_State.SpareW08;
           t_State.Virtual := t_State.Virtual OR i_State.Virtual;
           // Copy temp back to entry state
           io_PLT[i_Record].Entry[t_EntryId].State := t_State;
           // Update the return value
           t_ReturnValue := io_C.ReturnValue.DataWrite;
           EXIT; // Exit the for loop update is done
   // Update the return value   
   o_ReturnValue := t_ReturnValue;

Industrial automation student from The Netherlands

PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:39 pm 

Joined: Tue Oct 02, 2018 12:26 pm
Posts: 9
@Update. I manage to find the solution. I need to reference to the [*] Array

Unforituannly, I am not really satisfied with this solution. Does anyone have a better suggestion for a solution?
For example, this might be solved with a singe line of code?
   TestPLT REF= io_PLT[i_Record];
      TestEntry  REF= TestPLT.Entry[t_EntryId];
      Testpos := TestEntry.Position;
      Testinfo := TestEntry.Info;

Industrial automation student from The Netherlands

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