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PostPosted: Mon Oct 21, 2013 11:47 am 

Joined: Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:50 pm
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I am new to this forum and I am just beginning to us codesys.

I am trying to get communication between berghof EC1000 and roboteq 2130. I am using 232 serial port. I am using a program I got from the codesys store ( ). I am using Codesys v3.5 SP1 Patch 4.

My problem is that I can send one message through the serial port whit out any problems, but when I try to do it again nothing happens. Then I have to logout from the project and download it again to be able to send the messages again.

Can anybody please help me with this problem?

PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2013 5:21 pm 

Joined: Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:50 pm
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I have tried it with and without handshake. I have also tried it without closing the port between sending messages. Here is the code I am using.

IF xStartTest THEN

//The parameters are set for the COM Port
aCom1Params[1].udiParameterId := COM.CAA_Parameter_Constants.udiPort;
aCom1Params[1].udiValue := 1; // the correct Port should be adapted
aCom1Params[2].udiParameterId := COM.CAA_Parameter_Constants.udiBaudrate;
aCom1Params[2].udiValue := 115200;
aCom1Params[3].udiParameterId := COM.CAA_Parameter_Constants.udiParity;
aCom1Params[3].udiValue := COM.PARITY.NONE;
aCom1Params[4].udiParameterId := COM.CAA_Parameter_Constants.udiStopBits;
aCom1Params[4].udiValue := COM.STOPBIT.ONESTOPBIT;
aCom1Params[5].udiParameterId := COM.CAA_Parameter_Constants.udiTimeout;
aCom1Params[5].udiValue := 0;
aCom1Params[6].udiParameterId := COM.CAA_Parameter_Constants.udiByteSize;
aCom1Params[6].udiValue := 8;
aCom1Params[7].udiParameterId := COM.CAA_Parameter_Constants.udiBinary;
aCom1Params[7].udiValue := 0;

// Handshake Paramet

//aCom1Params[8].udiParameterId := COM.udiDtrControl;
//aCom1Params[8].udiValue := 16#02; // handshake
//aCom1Params[9].udiParameterId := COM.udiOutxDsrFlow;
//aCom1Params[9].udiValue := 1; // true
//aCom1Params[10].udiParameterId := COM.udiRtsControl;
//aCom1Params[10].udiValue := 16#02; // handshake
//aCom1Params[11].udiParameterId := COM.udiOutxCtsFlow;
//aCom1Params[11].udiValue := 1; // true

// Handshake Parameter

aCom1Params[8].udiParameterId := COM.udiInX;
aCom1Params[8].udiValue := 1; // true
aCom1Params[9].udiParameterId := COM.udiXonChar;
aCom1Params[9].udiValue := 17;
aCom1Params[10].udiParameterId := COM.udiXonLim;
aCom1Params[10].udiValue := 2048;
aCom1Params[11].udiParameterId := COM.udiOutX;
aCom1Params[11].udiValue := 1; // true
aCom1Params[12].udiParameterId := COM.udiXoffChar;
aCom1Params[12].udiValue := 19;
aCom1Params[13].udiParameterId := COM.udiXoffLim;
aCom1Params[13].udiValue := 512;
aCom1Params[14].udiParameterId := COM.udiTXContinueOnXoff;
aCom1Params[14].udiValue := 0; // false


IF xPortOpen THEN
//The first Port is opened with the given parameters
como1(xExecute := TRUE, usiListLength:=SIZEOF(aCom1Params)/SIZEOF(COM.PARAMETER),pParameterList:= ADR(aCom1Params));

IF como1.xError THEN
xCom1OpenError := TRUE;
iState := 1000;
IF como1.xDone THEN
iState := 10;


IF xWrite THEN
// the write process is started for the first port
comw1(xExecute := TRUE,hCom:= como1.hCom,pBuffer:= ADR(sWrite),szSize:= SIZEOF(sWrite));

IF comw1.xError THEN
xCom1WriteError := TRUE;

// if the writing process is completed the reading process can be started
IF comw1.xDone THEN
iState := 15;

IF xPortClose THEN

// The first port is closed and the used handle released
comc1(xExecute := TRUE, hCom:= como1.hCom);

IF comc1.xError THEN
xCom1CloseError := TRUE;

IF comc1.xDone OR comc1.xError THEN
iState := 1000;

PostPosted: Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:09 pm 
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You call comw1 only with execute := true.
This is the trigger to start.
To trigger it again, call the FB with execute := false at least one time in between.

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