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PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2017 7:23 am 

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Hi Everyone
I'm currently working on a project with a lot a data to send to a TouchScreen and as I'd like to optimize the communication speed, I have to use array
But for example, I build an array with all the data for my motor so I obtain
Motor1 array[1..10] of word;
So if in my program I do:
LD word1
ST motor1[1]

So I'd like if there is a way to give to this motor1 a name or a comment, so if I use my mouse on it, I could see the comment

Many thanks in advance for your help :)

PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2017 6:51 pm 
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Frequent User

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Solution 1 (I recommend):
  • Have your speaking variables and structures as you need.
  • Have a HmiData array of WORDs
  • Create a PRG that is called every PLC scan with the name like "MapHmiData"
  • Explicitely map speaking variables to HmiData array (read only variables)
  • Explicetly map HmiData array entries to speaking variables (user write variables)

  • You get to use your speaking variables
  • You control scaling exactly as you need (i.e from REAL to WORD)
  • You can see exactly what variable goes to which array entry - no math, no counting in your head, etc.

  • Uses twice as much variable space (I've never run out of RAM space on a CoDeSys platform)
  • Manually code each assignment (but I prefer to see the explicit list 3 years from now when I forget what was being sent)
  • Takes CPU time (copying data into arrays of 100 or 200 WORDs does not take much processing power anymore - I've never had to optimize this until now over 11 years!)

Code Example:

//copy drive1 data
GVL_APP.HmiData[0] := INT_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive1.ControlWord);
GVL_APP.HmiData[1] := INT_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive1.StatusWord);
GVL_APP.HmiData[2] := REAL_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive1.Temperature * 10); //0.1 deg C resolution
GVL_APP.HmiData[3] := INT_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive1.ActualCurrent);
GVL_APP.HmiData[4] := DWORD_TO_WORD(SHR(GVL_APP.Drive1.HourCounter,16)); //high word
GVL_APP.HmiData[5] := DWORD_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive1.HourCounter); //low word

//copy drive2 data
GVL_APP.HmiData[6]  := INT_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive2.ControlWord);
GVL_APP.HmiData[7]  := INT_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive2.StatusWord);
GVL_APP.HmiData[8]  := REAL_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive2.Temperature * 10); //0.1 deg resolution
GVL_APP.HmiData[9]  := INT_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive2.ActualCurrent);
GVL_APP.HmiData[10] := DWORD_TO_WORD(SHR(GVL_APP.Drive2.HourCounter,16)); //high word
GVL_APP.HmiData[11] := DWORD_TO_WORD(GVL_APP.Drive2.HourCounter); //low word

//copy user data to controller
GVL_APP.UserCtrl.AutoRun     := WORD_TO_BOOL(GVL_APP.HmiData[20]);
GVL_APP.UserCtrl.CmdSpeed    := WORD_TO_INT(GVL_APP.HmiData[21]);
GVL_APP.UserCtrl.CyclesToRun := GVL_APP.HmiData[22];

Solution 2 (old school PLC programmer trick):
  • Define HmiData array at a specific memory location (AT %MW0)
  • Define your speaking variables at specific memory locations so they overlap with HmiData

  • Doesn't "waste" RAM by having two WORDS for same data
  • Doesn't use extra CPU time

  • Much work up front to align the memory locations
  • Cannot scale anything - what's in the memory location is how it will be.

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